Monday, 21 September 2009

Moo Cards!

For any of you who follow me on Twitter (@RubyWren) you may have noticed my excitement over my first set of Moo Business Cards last week and my impatient wait for them to arrive.

I had been debating over whether to buy the normal business cards, or the more ecomical mini-cards, which were a similar price for twice the amount of cards. I decided to go for the normal cards, so that I would have some professional cards to hand out to any business-types. I ordered them in the eco-friendly (like my little Ruby business herself) recycled card.

They arrived this weekend, much sooner than the estimated dispatch date. While I was worried that the recycled card would compromise the quality, I'm very much impressed with my Moo Cards! I've heard so many Etsy people raving about Moo and their products and until I received mine, I just didn't know why.

The cards are a superb quality and the ability to have your own photos or artwork on them, especially having a selection of designs per pack, is a huge bonus. In my 50 pack of cards, I have 7 different designs spread over the total cards.

I have since ordered a huge pack of Mini Cards to pop into my packages and printed stickers, so if you purchase from me in the near future, look out for them! :) While I was initally shocked by the price, I think I'm definitely going to be keeping my Moo product stash stocked up!

If anyone is interested in purchasing from, it's their Birthday and September is full of promotions and discounts, so make the most of it :)


whoatemycrayons said...

How lovely, I like the way you have used your butterfy cutouts on the back! Very you :)

La Belle ChaƮnette said...

I (heart) MOO! My friend introduced me to them. Have you seen the stickers? They are my favorite!


p.s. I L.O.V.E. YOUR butterfly cutouts...i've seen them on etsy before and everytime I see them, i fall in love all over again.