Friday, 14 August 2009

For The Home

This week's 'For the Home' feature has some gorgeous Etsy finds! From the ultra-modern butterfly table lamp, to the vintage potato-sack chair! And those little 'L.O.V.E' letters are so adorable!

All items are currently for sale on

1. Tall Butterfly Meadow table lamp
by Hannahnunn $99

2. Mini Bags of LOVE
by dedeetsyshop $17

3. New York City Skyline Vinyl decal (many sizes)
by CustomSilhouettes $18

4. Union 76 Gas Station Advertising Mirror dated 1974 for Anaheim, CA
by takapitcha $23

5. Ocean Breezen - LAST ONE LEFT
by ewildman $23

6. Ladderback Chair with Burlap Potato Sack Cushion UPCYCLED Antique
by postroadvintage $73

7. Rustic Country Oak Coffee Table OOAK
by MadeintheHV $680

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Colour Scheme Finds

This week I chose white for my colour scheme finds. White is so refreshing, clean and summery, perfect for this time of year! Although I love all the white items, my favourite has to be those vintage sunglasses...I'm tempted to get them myself!

All items are currently for sale at

1. White Beach Pebble - Custom Engraving
by sjengraving $14

2. White Rose Pendant
by FancifulForm $20

3. damsel in distress
by marieflyfly $36

4. Vintage old stock FILA sunglasses white frame with grey shade .65.
from Diver $39

5. Off White Pumpkin with Red and Blue Plaid Stem
by SeaPinks $12

6. Grey Wheat Print Wood Bracelet
by uncharted $35

7. Simple Gift Tags - Set of 7
by perideaudesigns $6.50

8. Victoriana - Sterling Silver Earrings with Swarovski Crystal Pearls
by rubywren29 $14

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Shop of the Week - Middleburg

I love Middleburg and as soon as I thought about doing a new shop of the week, I immediately thought of her gorgeous papier mache bird cake toppers! I think every time I manage to grab a treasury on Etsy, Middleburg is one of my trusty favourite shops I first check out for my treasury theme. I think sometimes I have to stop myself from including her gorgeous products yet again!

Middleburg's Folk Art style reminds me of when I visited friends in Georgia, USA a few years ago and visited loads of cute little shops with wooden trinkets and rustic treasures. I live in England and the little country gift stores I discovered in the mountains in Georgia are nothing like any shops I've seen here in England. Seeing Middleburg's shop reminds me of all the goodies I discovered on my trip. It's a style I love and I think is one of the best shops to showcase the more unique, handmade finds on Etsy. One of my favourite items is her Calico cat (which you can see below) which reminds me of a special kitty I grew up with.

Another brilliant thing about this artist, is the eco-friendliness of her process. Using 100% recycled newspaper, water and a biodegradable binder, Middleburg makes some gorgeous and environmentally friendly items!

Check out Middleburg on Etsy:

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Offers and Deals - Tuesday 11th August 2009

There are some brilliant deals on Etsy right now, including a fab offer from Clevergirl who is an artist on Etsy whose shop I always love browsing! All items I've picked today are currently for sale on and feature either discounts, sale prices or free shipping offers. Go get yourself a bargain! :)

1. SALE SALE SALE handknit cushion with cables
by strikk $32.30
Price includes 15% Discount

2. Cotton Candy. Necklace.
by clevergirl $75
Up to 25% off (see discription for more infomation)

3. Petite Hook Earrings - Austrian White Crystal and Sterling Silver
by TheLoudLion $24
Free Worldwide Shipping

4. Blue Bird fine art photograph ACEO card FREE SHIPPING
by LDphotography $4.99
Free Shipping

5. Silver Branch Necklace
by BlondeChick $16
Free US Shipping

6. SALE HALF PRICE ALREADY REDUCED Number 345. glass and pearl vintage earrings.
by NewFashionedWhispers $9
Half Price

7. SALE on Bundled Price 3 -- Soy Candles Poured Just for YOU -- U choose scent
by simplypuresoycandles $20
Special Bundle price

8. Blue deer -Small shoulder bag with an adjustable strap -FREE SHIPPING-
by helisengezer $72
Free Shipping

Monday, 10 August 2009

Etsy Jewellery Finds

I thought I'd start the week with a feature on Etsy Jewellery finds (or Jewelry for those in America) as everyone loves jewellery! I think it's safe to say that Jewellery is Etsy's most popular category for both sellers and buyers and all the handmade jewellery in Etsy is stunning! Hope you enjoy my favourite finds of the day!


1. Tide Pool
by feminesque $54

2.pretty in pink chandelier filigree earrings
by musettemade $18

3. Taupe and Pink Cherry Blossom Bracelet Hand Painted
by amy987

4. Ivory Taffeta Rose Bib Necklace With Pearls
by foreverandaday $65

5. Freshwater Button Pearl and Sterling Earrings - Bridal
by Epheriell $18

6. Silver Butterfly Pendant
by AliBaliJewellery $62

7. Golden Dewdrops Crystal Floral Earrings
from 4TheSparrowsNest $24

8. lucienne
by whiteowl $38

Friday, 7 August 2009

New Cards!

I've been making lots of cards in preparation for the Made by Artisans Craft Fair in November and for Halloween which is just around the corner. I'd like to share with you some of the new Ruby Recycled card designs, including my new Halloween designs and some cards created following a special request for piglets! The card featuring the line of piglets following the mummy pig has even made it to the Etsy 'Gifts for Mom' Gift Guide, which I'm thrilled about!

I've recently launched my new UK website at I ship worldwide but wanted a shop that listed prices in Great British Pounds, seeing as I am having to sell in US Dollars while on For Blog, Twitter and Facebook friends, I'm offering 25% off my cards at - just put in the promotional code 'TWEET' when you checkout.

For the Home

This Friday, I've gathered a even more gorgeous housewear items from sellers! My favourite has to be the mosaic vase from Sigmosaics, and at $28 I think it's a bargain piece for the home. Check out my other picks for this weeks 'For the Home' collection. All items are currently for sale on, but they're so lovely, they're sure to sell out soon!


1. Silver grey mosaic vase
from Sigmosaics $28

2. Four Stem Shabby Chic Button Bouquet
from seekimrun $15

3. Coral Adornment - 16 Inches Square Pillow Cover in Silk Dupion With Silver Coral beads
from TheHomeCentric $21.45

4. Keep Calm and Carry On (Metallic Silver) 16 x 23 Printed on Recycled Paper
from byorderofthecrown $19.98

5. Fog Treasure Bowl
from shanineal $18.50

6. ID drink to that - set of 6 winidentifiers
from HattieRex $30

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Colour Scheme Finds

I saw lottahelleberg's chartreuse pillow on the front page of Etsy earlier today and chose that shade as this week's Colour Scheme Finds starting point. Here are some gorgeous products from following the lovely green shade of chartreuse.

All items are currently for sale on

1. chartreuse queen ann's lace seed pod pillow
from lottahelleberg $115

2. Hands Slightly Holding
from HaroldandJane $34

3. Leaf Wall Wear - Vintage Metal Frame
from neawear $65

4. Hold-Me-Tight Chartreuse and Sea Green Cups, Set of 4
from JulieKnowlesPottery $38

5. Willa Necklace - Sterling Silver - Peridot - Small
from thepebblecollection $39

6. The Downtown Bag in Olive and Chartreuse
from peskycatdesigns $65

7. pretty packaging paper tags
from butterandsugar $2.50

8. Chartreuse Stone and Leather Journal
from AwakenJournaling $40

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Shop of the Week - toastjewelry

Toast Jewelry has been active on Etsy since March 2008, yet I discovered her gorgeous products only last week. Take one look at her shop and you can see owner and creator, Hayden, loves leaves and wire wraps stunning simple leaf shapes for necklaces and earrings. Thoroughly modern and elegant!

When it came to deciding who to feature as this week's Shop of The Week, I instantly thought of Toast Jewelry and wanted to share her products on my blog! The shop not only has beautiful nature-inspired products but is also caring to the environment, using recycled silver and gold as well as recycled packing supplies.

Visit Toast Jewelry's Etsy Shop

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Offers and Deals - Tuesday 4th August 2009

This week's deals include some gorgeous bright, cheery, vivid products! All these Etsy finds are bound to cheer up your day, especially if you're like me right now having a very rainy, cloudy summer! Enjoy a splash of colour with these gorgeous finds and benefit from some brilliant offers and deals, including Buy One Get One Free, Buy One Get One Half Price, and some Free Worldwide Shipping offers!

All are currently for sale on


1: New Design Birds on a Cherry Tree Branch 2
From LeenTheGraphicsQueen $60
Buy One Get One Half Off and Shipping offers

2: Tied up pillow with feather insert - leaf green, beige and chocolate
from rukkola $63.00
Free Worldwide Shipping

3: A hint of Orange ear wire earrings
from novadesigns $15
Free Worldwide Shipping

4: Marmalade Skies Necklace in Orange Jade, Vintage Glass and Oxidized Copper
From SingingSky $30
Free Shipping, Buy One Get One Half Off or 10% off one item at $20 or more

5: Head in the clouds- 4x6 print
from timssally $5.00
Buy One Get One Free on Prints until 5th August

6: Mini Sweet Sunny Yellow Flower Ring
from rubywren29 $8
Free Worldwide Shipping

Monday, 3 August 2009

Fresh Ideas - Graze

This week, I was introduced to this really brilliant idea: Graze. It's a London-based company that specialises in sending fresh food and snacks to your home or workplace, because all our bodies are designed to 'graze' thoughout the day. It's a company that promotes the healthy lifestyle that comes with a healthy diet. And the best part about it is that it's completely tailored to your individual tastes.

My first box was free with a promotional code...what's better than free food, huh? And they've even included another freebie code for me to share to "Feed My Friends". Go to where the promotional code is already entered for you, or type in Q4HKCN6 at

What I love about Graze (apart from how good I feel knowing I'm eating natural, fresh, whole foods) is that each box is a surprise! You tell Graze what foods you like or dislike using their rating tool on the website, and they then send you a balanced box based on your nutrional tastes and needs. For example, they even have options for Pre-workout or Post-workout boxes, or a weight loss box...all carefully designed to your tastes by their nutritional team.

Boxes start from £2.99 but using the code Q4HKCN6, the first box is free and second box is half you can stop your deliveries at any time, postpone or tell Graze when you're going on holiday! Clever stuff!

My first box contained a portion of fresh Pineapple, an Apple Strudel mix (dried apples, cranberries and apricots) and chocolate peanuts.