Friday, 7 August 2009

For the Home

This Friday, I've gathered a even more gorgeous housewear items from sellers! My favourite has to be the mosaic vase from Sigmosaics, and at $28 I think it's a bargain piece for the home. Check out my other picks for this weeks 'For the Home' collection. All items are currently for sale on, but they're so lovely, they're sure to sell out soon!


1. Silver grey mosaic vase
from Sigmosaics $28

2. Four Stem Shabby Chic Button Bouquet
from seekimrun $15

3. Coral Adornment - 16 Inches Square Pillow Cover in Silk Dupion With Silver Coral beads
from TheHomeCentric $21.45

4. Keep Calm and Carry On (Metallic Silver) 16 x 23 Printed on Recycled Paper
from byorderofthecrown $19.98

5. Fog Treasure Bowl
from shanineal $18.50

6. ID drink to that - set of 6 winidentifiers
from HattieRex $30


See Kim Run said...

I cannot thank you enough for gracing your beautiful blog with my Shabby Chic Button Bouquet. Thank you again and bye for now I am off to check in on your Etsy site.....Enjoy!

Sigmosaics said...

well, i would like to echo 'see kim run' .. thank you for letting my vase be a part of these gorgeous finds, i'm thrilled!!

wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead, Kerrin