Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Jewellery Finds

For this edition of my Jewellery finds, I started with AREjewellery's unique necklace (number 1 below) and followed the pinky-red colour scheme from there...ending up with a collection of beautiful pieces that rather reseble a fruit smoothie!
I love the unique on Etsy and adore the handpainted beaded jewellery from sweetcherrypie (number 3) and the enameled earrings from smashing (number 8) is something I've been drooling over in my favourites for a while now. Be sure to check out corrieberrypie's shop also for the most beautiful product photos, showcasing her vintage-inspired pieces at their best!

1. Red Splash Long Necklace
by AREjewellery $30
2. Rosy Rosebud Necklace
by corrieberrypie $18.50
3. Beaded bracelet, hand-painted in pastel pink, black and orange
by sweetcherrypie $26
4. Lollipop Trees Ring
by TheIntuitiveGarden $12
5. Patience Antique Brass Bird Locket and Pink Glass Beads Necklace
by miasophia $32
6. Organic poppies stud earringsby jewelry
bynatsuko $23

7. The Secret Compartment Ring (Coral)
by wiyomu $12

8. teeming (earrings) sunset violet pink and purple
by smashing $29

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Shop of the Week - Pouch

I have a friend who likes all things purple...actually, a few friends of mine love purple, so on an 'Early Christmas Gift Browse' of last week, I used the search term 'Purple' and 'UK'. I came across the shop 'Pouch' and her handmade purple owl was the item that appeared in the search. I was drawn into look at her shop further, the owl was just so sweet!

Her shop is full of gorgeous handmade owls, bunnies and bags...all eco-friendly and adorable! The lavendar-filled owls and bunnies are my favourites, a chemical-free alternate to moth balls or just a cute decoration for a drawhandle or to help you sleep.

Pouch is currently offering free worldwide shipping before her shop closes at the start of October. Her shop will close while she has her first baby, so grab a sweet treat for yourself or get started on your Christmas gift purchases before October 4th to make the most of free shipping and a super-cute product!

Monday, 21 September 2009

Moo Cards!

For any of you who follow me on Twitter (@RubyWren) you may have noticed my excitement over my first set of Moo Business Cards last week and my impatient wait for them to arrive.

I had been debating over whether to buy the normal business cards, or the more ecomical mini-cards, which were a similar price for twice the amount of cards. I decided to go for the normal cards, so that I would have some professional cards to hand out to any business-types. I ordered them in the eco-friendly (like my little Ruby business herself) recycled card.

They arrived this weekend, much sooner than the estimated dispatch date. While I was worried that the recycled card would compromise the quality, I'm very much impressed with my Moo Cards! I've heard so many Etsy people raving about Moo and their products and until I received mine, I just didn't know why.

The cards are a superb quality and the ability to have your own photos or artwork on them, especially having a selection of designs per pack, is a huge bonus. In my 50 pack of cards, I have 7 different designs spread over the total cards.

I have since ordered a huge pack of Mini Cards to pop into my packages and printed stickers, so if you purchase from me in the near future, look out for them! :) While I was initally shocked by the price, I think I'm definitely going to be keeping my Moo product stash stocked up!

If anyone is interested in purchasing from, it's their Birthday and September is full of promotions and discounts, so make the most of it :)

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Autumn Gold Treasury

With Autumn creeping up on us, I felt a lovely autumnal Treasury was called's my new Treasury which can be found on Etsy:

Jewellery Finds

I am addicted to browsing jewellery on Etsy and it's the best place to go to find one of a kind pieces. I have filled my favourites with 'hearted' sellers and items and here are a few for today:

1. Got The Blues
by ekta $56
2. Small Silver Leaf Earrings
by roundabout $16
3. The Pearls Necklace
by Rafya $38
4. Dew Drops Stack--Made to Order in Your Size
by TreAnelli $71
5. BELL Necklace - Blueberries
by BeadsBySam $24.99
6. Midnight Earrings - vintage lucite, lucite flower and oxidized silver
by Lazy Giraffe $23

Monday, 14 September 2009

Shop of the Week - Wall Envy Art

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting Louise of Wall Envy Art who makes the most adorable decorative items from old books and offcuts of wood. Not only are the framed pieces gorgeous, they're enviromentally friendly as Louise collects old books to reuse for her work and offcuts of wood from her brother's framing business. Her work makes perfect gifts for book lovers and art lovers alike. My purchase was a lovely piece from a French Dictionary, decorated in greetings. I know the inteded recipent of my gift purchase will love it...if I can part with it!

For anyone local to us both here in Northamptonshire, Louise will be taking her work to the prestigious Lamport Hall Gift Fair in October and the first Made By Artisans fair in Peterborough in November. Or simply have a look at her Etsy shop to purchase directly.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

I'm Back!

Due to a crazy few weeks with my RUBYrecycled cards, I have been away from the computer and spending my time making tonnes of new cards for upcoming fairs and events.

I'm going to get back to blogging regularly again this week but would love to request something from my readers...I'm beginning a business programme in my local area (run by the Prince's Trust) and would love to get some market research done about, well, my market. So...please take a few minutes to answer my little survey. There's only 10 simple questions and it will help in my business programme: