Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Jewellery Finds

For this edition of my Jewellery finds, I started with AREjewellery's unique necklace (number 1 below) and followed the pinky-red colour scheme from there...ending up with a collection of beautiful pieces that rather reseble a fruit smoothie!
I love the unique on Etsy and adore the handpainted beaded jewellery from sweetcherrypie (number 3) and the enameled earrings from smashing (number 8) is something I've been drooling over in my favourites for a while now. Be sure to check out corrieberrypie's shop also for the most beautiful product photos, showcasing her vintage-inspired pieces at their best!

1. Red Splash Long Necklace
by AREjewellery $30
2. Rosy Rosebud Necklace
by corrieberrypie $18.50
3. Beaded bracelet, hand-painted in pastel pink, black and orange
by sweetcherrypie $26
4. Lollipop Trees Ring
by TheIntuitiveGarden $12
5. Patience Antique Brass Bird Locket and Pink Glass Beads Necklace
by miasophia $32
6. Organic poppies stud earringsby jewelry
bynatsuko $23

7. The Secret Compartment Ring (Coral)
by wiyomu $12

8. teeming (earrings) sunset violet pink and purple
by smashing $29

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kathy notreallysmash said...

thanks so much! what a delicious collection you have curated!! :) yum!!