Friday, 31 July 2009

For The Home

Here's my 'For the Home' Etsy finds for today! Some gorgeous vintage pieces with some really unique accessories! I love them all, especially the shabby mirror from royaloakcottage which dates from 1924...a really historic piece that would look amazing in any home! And check out the unusual fabric plants from janejoss - a beautiful and unique take on the common house plant, and one that you don't have to water!

1. Dairy Crate Milk Dairy Farm Crate Stegmaeirs
from ingenuityondisplay $30

2. Shabby Painted Rounded Top 1924 Framed Mirror - Vintage Chic
from royaloakcottage $95

3. Talkative Butterfly Wired Garland
from royalbuffet $11

4. Sweet Leaves - Restful Blue Fabric Branches (set of 3)
from janejoss $21.50

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Colour Scheme Finds

I love creating Etsy Treasuries based on a colour scheme, so want to make a regular 'Colour Scheme Finds' feature.

Here are some gorgeous Etsy products following the Colour Scheme of Purple. All the products are currently available on Etsy.


1: Mug purple and cola
by vesselsandwares $36


2: eggplant pair
by pillowhappy $25

3: Limited Edition - Purple/Blue Hand Woven Cotton Hobo Bag
by tippythai $45

4: purple vintage garden ring
by lilypottery $49

5: Ruffles - Garnet Cluster and Oxidised Sterling Earrings
by stormysky $26

6: Hello Sweet Gardenia Handmade Soap 5oz
by earthtonesbath $3

7: Peyton Hair Pin
by bungalow $15

8: paper stud earrings- turquoise and purple
by paper mode $12

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Featured Seller: Pretty By Pistachio

I'm hoping to make regular blog entries and I've found some lovely sellers, so I thought I'd create a 'Featured Seller' feature. This week, my twitter-friend Lousie of Pretty By Pistachio.

Louise sells her cute floral and button jewellery both on her own personal shop and via Etsy also. I recently purchased what is now her top selling item, her Floral Fabric Button Earrings, which I love! They're so well made, adorable and a bargain at £4.50. I highly recommend them!

Other products include bright and cheery floral pieces from her 'Say it With a Flower' collection and fabric button jewellery (my personal favourite) from the 'Cute as a Button' collection. All are handmade by Louise and are gorgeous!

Check out Pretty by Pistachio on Etsy or the Pretty by Pistachio Shop.

Louise also has something special planned called 'Simply Forgotten' and I can't wait to see what that is all about. I'm sure it'll be as gorgeous as Pretty by Pistachio!

Friday, 10 July 2009

Ocean Treasury

I always find it so hard to narrow down my favourites for a Treasury...there were so many items I wanted to put in this Ocean/Beach colour collection. You can see my alternate choices below also.