Friday, 31 July 2009

For The Home

Here's my 'For the Home' Etsy finds for today! Some gorgeous vintage pieces with some really unique accessories! I love them all, especially the shabby mirror from royaloakcottage which dates from 1924...a really historic piece that would look amazing in any home! And check out the unusual fabric plants from janejoss - a beautiful and unique take on the common house plant, and one that you don't have to water!

1. Dairy Crate Milk Dairy Farm Crate Stegmaeirs
from ingenuityondisplay $30

2. Shabby Painted Rounded Top 1924 Framed Mirror - Vintage Chic
from royaloakcottage $95

3. Talkative Butterfly Wired Garland
from royalbuffet $11

4. Sweet Leaves - Restful Blue Fabric Branches (set of 3)
from janejoss $21.50

1 comment:

lily pottery said...

oh how i just adore Royal Buffet and their lovely paper confections!