Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Shop of the Week - Middleburg

I love Middleburg and as soon as I thought about doing a new shop of the week, I immediately thought of her gorgeous papier mache bird cake toppers! I think every time I manage to grab a treasury on Etsy, Middleburg is one of my trusty favourite shops I first check out for my treasury theme. I think sometimes I have to stop myself from including her gorgeous products yet again!

Middleburg's Folk Art style reminds me of when I visited friends in Georgia, USA a few years ago and visited loads of cute little shops with wooden trinkets and rustic treasures. I live in England and the little country gift stores I discovered in the mountains in Georgia are nothing like any shops I've seen here in England. Seeing Middleburg's shop reminds me of all the goodies I discovered on my trip. It's a style I love and I think is one of the best shops to showcase the more unique, handmade finds on Etsy. One of my favourite items is her Calico cat (which you can see below) which reminds me of a special kitty I grew up with.

Another brilliant thing about this artist, is the eco-friendliness of her process. Using 100% recycled newspaper, water and a biodegradable binder, Middleburg makes some gorgeous and environmentally friendly items!

Check out Middleburg on Etsy:

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Jim Jam Sandwich said...

What beautiful and unique things, love it! x