Saturday, 3 October 2009

News from Ruby!

Following the feedback and comments I've been given from Etsy members and customers, I've decided to expand my little business and have signed up for the Prince's Trust Business Programme. The Prince's Trust, for anyone who doesn't know, is a charity in the UK run to help young people, with Prince Charles as the head of the organisation. The Business Programme is run to help get people aged 18-30 succeeding in running their own businesses.

I applied in Septemeber and was invited to an introduction session a few days later to talk about the Business Programme and what is involved. I begin a 4 day workshop on Monday, where I will get advice on bookeeping, legalities for small businesses, marketing etc. After this week, I'll be required to put my business plan before the Prince's Trust's panel, Dragons Den-Style and I'll get one-on-one sessions with a business mentor for the next few years.

I've heard such good things about the programme and hope to keep you updated via my blog.

In other Ruby related news, I've just listed some of my first Christmas Cards! It's getting to that time of year again! With the worldwide shipping I offer, I decided to get in early with the Christmas Card listing to give everyone enough time to get their cards before Christmas. I've got lots made up ready for the Made by Artisans Craft Fair and hope to get more listed on Etsy shortly!

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