Friday, 2 October 2009

Finds for the Home

This week's Finds for the Home, I've focused my search on houseware accessories...little things that can make a big difference to a room scheme. My most favourite items from those below include the hessian rabbit by Octavi and the chalkboard from KFMgallery...I could write all my little 'to-dos' on that!

1. Velvet and silk pillow
by Antracitproduction $38
Click Here

2. Bird and Flower Wall Decal Sticker
by ArtConductor $17
Click Here

3.Chalkboard with Vintage Frame
by KFMGallery $35
Click Here

4. Sweet Tree. . . Set of 6 Fabric Magnets
by PaperPumpkin $8.50
Click Here

5. Greta rabbit - hessian
by Octavi $15
Click Here

6. Romantic decorative wall art on linen hoop framed
by HAREandDRUM $30
Click Here

7. from the garden
by tinyshoppe $9
Click Here


HareAndDrum said...

Ah, beautiful collection, I'm so happy to be included! Thank you!

C. said...

Thank you for the feature ! All of the handmade goodness is wonderful. ♥

PaperPumpkin said...

Beautiful Blog, beautiful collection of handmade goodies for the home! Thank you so much for featuring our Sweet Tree Magnets!