Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Happy Christmas!

It's Christmas Eve-Eve! I'm so excited for Christmas!! :)

Today I've been busy giving RubyWren.com a bit of a face lift. I wanted to give it a bit more of a vintage botique feel, so it's got a new purple floral theme, which I'm really happy with! I'm working on adding my own shop onto the site so that UK buyers have a bit more user-friendly view of my products. Previously, I've been registered on Etsy.com, but this being American, means I can only set my products up online in US dollars, and it means if you wish to purchase, you have to register via Etsy first. So hopefully, I can enjoy the challenge of getting my own shop online! I do love to learn new things for my web design!

And, I've just bought some lovely new vintage supplies! Lots of charms and pieces that add that little extra special detail! I love working with vintage materials because I think it makes my end designs a little more unique! Vintage items are hard to find but fun to think 'this is older than me!' It's lived a life before, and is given a new purpose when reused! It's a lot of fun! Check back after Christmas to see what's new on Ruby Wren.com!

Have a Happy Christmas!!

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